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Indeed, satellite imagery qualifies the taking of images of the Earth or other planets from artificial satellites (eg Landsat ™ and SPOT ™). Images exist in certain wavelengths (visible, infrared, UV …) that can be combined for different interpretations. The images look like photographs but are not obtained by photographic methods, hence the term “images” or “imagery”. Given the methods used (remote sensing), it is well imagery and not photography, despite the illusion created by the false color sometimes used.


These images that previously were only intended for large institutions, government and large companies for military purposes. This technology has changed and has become widely accessible to the general public. With the advent of the SAT Cube (nano-satellite), it can be used to map an area, determine changes that have occurred in an area over a period of time to establish evidence of deforestation, population growth, growth of commercial activities and the impact of forest destruction.
The areas concerned are: meteorology, environmental monitoring, Composite satellite image showing light pollution, land-use planning, firefighting, agriculture, forestry, maritime safety, energy and natural resources management, water well assessment. carbon


-GOOGLE SAT IMAGE: which allows users to access more than 50 Terabytes downloadable via bittorrent on the sole condition of using a GIS application such as ER VIEWER

-the famous NVIDIA JETSON NANO: thanks to its high computing power, graphic ability. Its phenomenal power makes it possible to manage multiple neural networks in parallel and process its sensors at high resolution simultaneously.

-Global Forest Watch (GFW): which is a system of monitoring, analysis and alert (forest loss, fire) on forests online. GFW offers free, reusable and highly interactive satellite images.

-QGIS: offer its users the advantage of adding, manipulating and editing GIS data (Geographic Information System). Although it is free, it requires a python programming background consisting.cela in order to perform more complex analysis processes.

– Warsi: she was able to combine satellite data with GPS data and digital maps.


Satellite images require a lot of work (because of the processing of HD images), time, skills (GIS expert) and resources (computers with very good RAM). Despite these exorbitant costs, there are some that are free, but if used professionally, they can cost $ 10 to $ 100 depending on the quality of the image.

Satellite images allow:

– highlight the decrease in vegetation
– highlight the enlargement of the islands
– monitoring of a remote construction site or plantation
-Survey the evolution of foreign infrastructures, war zones and military base without risk of being spotted

The disadvantage of this last one is:

-The resolution of the image (solution: use of heavier satellite such as Terra Bella and RapidEye)
-the analysis and the cost of the image
– updating the image which is still monthly for many companies.
-the clouds that very often hide a good part of the image

Thank you for having given us all this attention throughout this argumentation. Waiting for recommendation and advice we wish to see you again very soon for another argument.

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