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Intelligence & P.R

Real time analysis & reports about the last trends in Africa & the world.Public Relations by Africans living on the continent. PEST,OSINT ,HUMINT&Web Monitoring.

IT Innovation

We want to improve people lifes around the world with technology innovation. Data Visualization,Internet of Thing projects on Raspberry Pi.Cybersecurity,E-business.

Drone Africa

1st StartUp service in Cameroon providing business & Marketing support to local projects with drones!

Digital Marketing

We build websites within 10 business days. Community management and e-reputation. SEO & Big Data analysis. Starts at $2000


Training on data visualization &mapping.Competitive Intelligence & Due Diligence. Management & Business Strategy.Private security,special units training with former Special forces officers(Gov only).

Due Diligence

Before a partnership or an investment you need the right information. Let it to professionals.

Human Ressources

Investigation is our job. Sourcing,background check. Middle and Top management.


Our new project is focused on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. TEKI VR is a subsidiary company of Will&Brothers. This Startup has the objective to become one of the Virtual Reality leaders and educate african children to AR/VR.

''La meilleure facon de prédire l'avenir, c'est de le créer." Abraham Lincoln

Our Skills

Our team is polyvalent with different skills, 3 nationalities and 8 languages
You don't need degrees but SKILLS

Africa is currently the most attractive place in the world for investment. While most developed countries are facing economic issues ,emerging countries in Africa can show a growth trend of 6 %. We do believe that by investing in Africa now,you are going at the right place at the right time. The African boom is not tomorrow ,it's today. While you think about concepts and economics metrics, the continent is becoming more and more connected to the world. Angola is giving financial aid to portugal, France is looking for aid in China, Russia is changing the geopolitics approachs. The world has change,don't follow the movement,be part of it: INVEST IN AFRICA.

  • Stragic Intelligence and Market Research analysis

  • Improving lifes with technology and cybersecurity research. Raspberry Pi, Big Data, Internet of things...

  • Because now 3 billion people in the world are connected,it's the place to be!

  • We can provide you an accurate solution to analyse large amounts of data with graphic tools.


We are millenials dedicated to build a better world. Just some of the faces behind the scene.

William Elong

CEO – Will&Brothers
MBA in Strategy&Competitive Intelligence from Economic Warfare School of Paris. Experience with Thales/Oracle/Nexter/Sonara… Windows DevProgram for IoT.Hyperlingual. Founder Rasp4Dev-24-Geek william.elong@will-brothers.com

Yves Tamu

CTO – Will&Brothers
Leader Rasp4Dev , Digital Champion , Entrepreneur. Manager of the developers teams. Internet of Things, mobile development, Web Design. Inventor. Featured in Cameroon Tribune Newspaper. Fundraising professional. yves.tamu@will-brothers.com

Patrick Lolo

CFO/Business Dev – Will&Brothers
Graduated from a Master in Finance at Sup de Co la Rochelle. Financial process, Due Diligence , B to B negociation. NGO  »Icontro far i Popoli ». Entrepreneur with a vision for Africa. patrick.lolo@will-brothers.com

Alex Nkwagnou

Strategic Advisor
B to B negociation. Founder GTG. Digital , Geek , Technology. Japanese culture and open minded. MBA graduate. Bachelor Business. alex.nkwagnou@will-brothers.com

David Rochelet

Associate Partner
/Maker, Process Engineer, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Electrolab::hackerspace. Fablab and robotics specialist in Europe and Africa. Cosmology and radioastronomy enthusiast. david.rochelet@will-brothers.com

Thibault Maurel

Europe Manager
Business Graduate. Technology lover. Trying to build a better world with internet of things and drones. Previously working at Microsoft. thibault.maurel@will-brothers.com

Louis Ekani

Robotics Engineer
Geek, Android developer , Rapsberry enthousiat , Leap motion and Virtual Reality addict. Transform dreams into reality. louis.ekani@will-brothers.com

Coralie Fogue

Robotics Engineer
Mobile dev , Geek , Tech Woman. Promoting woman equality in the technology field. coralie.fogue@will-brothers.com

Ingrid Kobengue

Business Developer
Management and purchasing expert. Woman Leadership,entrepreneurial spirit. Creative mindset. B to B Negociation, Purchasing process. ingrid.kobengue@will-brothers.com

Adams Vessah

Public Relation/Communication
Entertainer; Artist manager, currently involved in a lot of project regarding the music industry in Cameroon. Leader and amazing MC with a well known voice at MediAfrik Radio. Challenging the Impossible to give smiles in Africa

Tchabo Paul

Developer – IoT Consultant
Young graduate from Saint Monica University in Buea. Project manager RaspLeap ,the idea is to use the leap motion on house devices trough internet. Leader; Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Walkity. Packaging & E-Business lover.

Landry Endougou

Strategic Advisor
Top 5% Financial graduate at  »Université Libre de Tunis ». Master in Business Management and Finance. Previous experience at the Ministry of Finance in Cameroon. Venture Capital/Derivatires/Stock Exchange landry.endougou@will-brothers.com

Geoffroy Talla

Associate Partner – Asia Manager
Chinese market expert. Logistic and Supply chain. Fluent speaker French,English,Mandarin. Bachelor Business graduate and Master in Finance from the prestigious Shangai University of Finance and Economics.


Business Developer
Young Leader. Graduated from the leading Catholic University in Central Africa. Student Delegate. Entrepreneur ; Marketing and Project management consultant.  »Ce qui ne varie pas chez moi, c’est que je sais me battre pour obtenir ce que je désire. » carmel.fopa@will-brothers.com


Your success is our success

" La technologie est un cadeau du ciel qui n'appartient à personne"

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